Tuesday, July 24, 2012

International Dot Day 2012

Ah, summer. Time to relax, travel, read for pleasure, and...lesson plan! That's right, a teacher's work really is never done. While I'm not necessarily writing up lessons at this point, I am most definitely making plans for the new school year (our first day with kids is August 21st). One of the activities that I am most looking forward to is International Dot Day which is celebrated each year on September 15th.

Last year, I had a wonderful time reading Peter H. Reynolds' The Dot to three different classes, only one of which was mine. I really enjoyed the conversations I had with all three classes about creativity and what constitutes "art." (You can read my post about those conversations here: International Dot Day 2011.) I'm especially excited about this year's Dot Day as I recently became a FableVision Ambassador; I'm so proud to have been included with this wonderful group of dedicated educators!

Teachers and students around the world are getting ready to participate again this year, and we'd love to see even more participants. The locations of everyone who has signed up to participate can be seen in this map:

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As you can see, we really need to add some pins to our world map! Won't you join us this year? You'll be ever-so-happy that you did, I promise! Here's what you need to know:
I'd also like to mention another project started by Terry Shay called Celebri-Dots. Terry has done a wonderful job gathering authors, illustrators, and celebrities willing to create their own Dots. Take a look at the site, I'm sure you'll love seeing the artwork of some familiar names. Of course, if you happen to know any authors, illustrators, or celebrities who might be willing to add their creation, please let us know!

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ghkcole said...

I am very intrigued by Dot Day and will explore it more. Thank you for inspiring me!