Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo Captions Contest Results

For the second year in a row, I have asked my friends from around the world to vote in our seventh grade photo captions contest. This year we more than tripled the number of votes received! I can't thank everyone enough for taking the time to cast their votes. If you didn't know about the contest and would still like to have your say, please do. This contest was also an opportunity for me to demonstrate to my students just how amazing a PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network) is. By collecting the locations of all respondents, I was able to create a Google Map with pins all over the world. My students loved it!

Before sharing the winners, let me explain the contest. A couple of weeks ago, I showed the pictures in this slideshow to my seventh graders:

As I showed each picture on the ActivBoard, they were to write down one or two captions they felt went with the photograph. After they'd written their captions for the first picture, I asked for a few volunteers to share theirs. I wanted to make sure that everyone was clear on the assignment; I know examples always help me understand a task much better.

Their homework that evening was to add all of their captions into a Google Form that I had created for them. I waited a few days, and then I chose what I felt were the top five responses for each photo. That's when my wonderful PLN joined in. I created this Google Form and sent it out to the world via Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk.

As the votes came in, I took the location of each respondent and placed it into this Google Map:

View Photo Captions Contest in a larger map

I loved adding the pins and seeing where people were voting from! I just hope my students enjoyed it half as much as I did.

I use Google Forms frequently throughout the school year, and one of the things I love the most is the option for a summary response. So rather than going through all of the data from the spreadsheet that looks like this:

Click on "Form" and then "Show summary of responses" and you'll have a much quicker way to discover the winner of our contest.

So, speaking of the winners, I've revised the first Google Presentation to show the winning captions. Thank you, again, to all who have voted!


Joan Young (aka Mancini) said...

I loved being invited to vote in your contest. Your students gave such fun, creative responses that some were hard to choose between! Your students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher :-)
Joan ( another Twitter McFriend ;-) )

Digital Diva said...

AWESOME! Loved that you shared the process with the rest of us. I hope your students had as much fun with this as you did!

So....when can we expect the next photo caption contest?

Julio Cesar de Campos Rodrigues said...

Hi, Karen!

Nice site. Keep on doing the good job!

Your friend, in Brazil,
Teacher Julio Cesar!