Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Trip to the Library

Take four seventh grade girls, plop them in the middle of the teen section at the local library, and just listen. You're in for, at the least, a very interesting morning. Of course, if you were sitting with my students, you might just laugh yourself silly and then be absolutely amazed...all in the space of about ten seconds.

Welcome to middle school. This is no place for wimps.

I met four of my students at the library again this week, hoping to sit and talk about books for a couple of hours. The girls who showed up on Wednesday are incredible readers, so I took advantage of our time together and asked them to help me create a list of recommended books. If you're looking for something to read from the young adult genre, this is a good place to start (along with the list I provided in my previous post).

These are in no particular order:

My students are always giving me the titles of book that I just have to read. So I created a Google Spreadsheet for them to add the titles to. Some of the books they've added, that I haven't mentioned here or in my previous post:
And if you're curious as to what books my students checked out from the library on Wednesday, here's a picture I took of our table (and these aren't even all the books that were checked out):

We also had three iPod Touches with us, so we discussed some of their favorite apps, including Livesketch which they were happy to demonstrate for me:

I have some amazingly talented artists in my class! That one was created by Lanvi; the following was done by Gaby:

Lanvi let me try it out on her iPod, but I didn't feel the need to take a picture of my, um, "creation".

Some of the other apps we talked about:

  • Doodle Jump (incredibly addictive game!)
  • Talking Tom Cat (he repeats whatever you say with a strange voice that makes middle school girls giggle...which makes their teacher giggle at them!)
  • Talking Gugl (a funny looking little creature who does the same thing as Talking Tom Cat)
  • Finger Balance (I think this one would drive me mad)
  • Fruit Ninja (I love this one!)
  • Veggie Samurai (I really shouldn't get this, but you know I will!)
  • Cut The Rope (yet another highly addictive game!)
If you need any other suggestions, I know my students will be more than happy to share their thoughts with us! Happy New Year!


Kristy said...

I love hearing about teachers who share parts of their lives with their students (and how it is reciprocated). You are making a huge impact in their lives!

Mrs. Tenkely said...

So very neat that you are doing this. Some seriously lucky kids!!

Unknown said...

Thank you both for your comments! It's always a lot of fun to sit and talk to middle schoolers, but especially when we're talking books!!

Daria said...

Awesome to hear! Those are some great books they noted. I would add also the Hunger Games.

Anonymous said...

I love that Pride And Prejudice is on their list! :)

joan said...

Thank you for posting this reading list. I teach 6th grade ELA and your list means my kindle will be full of some amazing reads this summer.