Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Class Poll

Fall Blogging Challenge #2

Sometimes writing a blog post can be as simple as asking a question and getting everyone to give a simple answer.

Today was a long day. Very. Long. Day. It started with a migraine and ended with...wait a hasn't ended yet.  ~sigh~

After lunch it dawned on me that I hadn't yet polled my class for my second post in the Fall Blogging Challenge. Problem was I hadn't even come up with the question I was going to ask them. So, that's what I asked them.

What do y'all think I should ask you?

[FYI...if you are going to give a group of seventh graders free rein to come up with any kind of list, even a list of questions, you'd better brush up on your shorthand because they won't slow up until you cry "Uncle!"]

Here are their questions, in no particular order:

1. How are you a social butterfly?

Inside joke: Several weeks ago I was discussing the question "Why is it important to talk about books?" with my students. Patty's response: "To come out of your cocoon and become a social butterfly through books."  Yes, it's become a "thing."

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Inside joke: Audi is obsessed with the point where the equator and prime meridian meet. She has decided that she would like to live there and so she asks everyone this question so that she can share her answer when they're done.

2a. Other "If...?" questions:
  • If you could live in any time period, what would it be?
  • If you could invent anything, what would it be?
  • If you won a million dollars, what would you do first?
  • If you could get rid of anything, what would you get rid of?

3. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

No inside joke there. They love talking about food!

4. Ask us something food related.

See what I mean.

5. What would you do for a leaf hat?

Ok, this one could take some explaining. We read a story last week that involved a chariot race, so I showed them the chariot race scene from Ben Hur. After Judah wins the race, he is presented with a crown of leaves. This led Audi to say, "That's it?!?! He did all that...for a leaf hat??!!!"

6. There were some thought-provoking questions:
  • What is your definition of a hero?
  • What do you want to do before you die?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? (I'm still working on the answer to that one!)
  • Would you rather be an elephant or a llama? (ok, not exactly thought-provoking except that it brings to mind another question: Where in the world do they come up with these things?!)

7. PC or Mac?

I love this kid!

8. The "like" questions:
  • Do you like to color?
  • Do you like to doodle?
  • Do you like stickers?
  • Do you think flying tigers are awesome? (Ok, not necessarily a "like" question, but where else would you put it???)

9. What's your favorite word?

We've had a discussion in seventh grade about words that we just love. Words that are fun to say, for the most part. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is always a favorite. (I love the fact that spellcheck is okay with that word!)

10. If the days of the week were people, what would they look like?

Two seconds after Claire asked this question, Anthony responded:

Monday would be ugly.

So, what do I do with all of these questions? Well, I ask my PLN, of course! I've created a Google Form with some of the questions that my students came up with. Would you please answer some or all of our questions? I'll have my students fill out the same form and then we'll compare their answers with all of yours.

We can't wait to hear your ideas!


Shauna Pollock said...

Hey McTeach,

I found a link to this survey and your blog on Twitter. I'm blogging with 23 wonderful grade 8s and they'd get a kick out of filling this out. Would you be cool with that being their class assignment next week?

Unknown said...

Absolutely!! My students would LOVE to see responses from your students! Where are you in the world?

eduguy101 said...

Awesome post! Great questions, thats why I love middle school!

Melanie Holtsman said...

OMG - I LOL'd at the leaf hat thing and that Monday would be ugly. Your kids must be as hillarious as you are. No wonder you love teaching them.

nhill said...

This is why I love Middle Schoolers!! They are so fun! I agree Monday would be ugly! If we are going with that idea Friday would be gorgeous!

Lisa Thumann said...

This is great Karen. I filled out the form and will pass it along to the teachers in NJ I work with.

Peggy George said...

This was fun to fill out but I think my creativity has been beaten down through decades of being told what to think. That's my excuse anyway... Your middle schoolers are much more creative because they have a teacher who allows and encourages them to think outside the box. Thanks for stretching me!

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I love these! Nothing like opening up the mind of a middle schooler to find out what is inside :)

mssanderson_ITS said...

Great idea to put the question asking on them! I'm going to share this with my teachers. :)