Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flip Cameras in the Classroom

In a few days, I will be giving a Flip Video presentation to our teachers along with our tech coordinator. We will only have an hour to show them how to work with the cameras and the videos the create as well as discuss all the different ideas for how to use the cameras with students. What I would like to share with them is a resource that will have many different types of ideas. And I'm hoping my PLN will help me create that resource.

If you use Flip cameras with students or if you have ideas of how you would like to use Flip cameras with students, could you take a few moments and answer the following questions for me? We would all greatly appreciate it! And, of course, I'll make the spreadsheet available to everyone.


Mrs. Tenkely said...

You got it! Great idea to have everyone help out. We are always better together.

Unknown said...

I knew I could count on you, Mrs. Tenkely! Thank you for always being such a wonderful support!!!

Peggy George said...

I'm not teaching in a classroom right now, but one of my favorite compilations of ideas for using flip cameras (pocket video cameras) is Tom Barrett's "Forty Four Ways to Use Pocket Video Cameras in the Classroom." This is also another great resource for ideas for flip cameras in the classroom:
Have fun!