Monday, August 2, 2010

Can You Help Me Get Organized?

As a teacher with learning issues, I struggle constantly with keeping on top of all of the tasks and paperwork that comes with my job. I'm approaching my fifth year as a teacher and I still haven't figured out a system that will work for me. So I thought I should ask my PLN - the wonderful educators from around the world who make me feel smarter.

Can you help me? Do you have any favorite tools (Web 2.0 or otherwise) that you just can't imagine getting through your day without? More importantly, how exactly do you use that tool? What is the feature that you just can't live without?

If you have any suggestions, would you be willing to fill out this Google Form:

All of the responses will appear here:

I greatly appreciate any help you can offer. I am determined to find some ways to make my job easier this year!

Thank you!!