Friday, July 30, 2010

My Reading List

As I shared in my previous post, I have decided to join in on the 48-Hour Read-A-Thon in order to get myself back into reading. I wanted to share with you the books I will be reading this weekend. I've already started the first two, The Book Whisperer and The Magician, both of which I highly recommend. When I finish with those two, I'll move on to The Book Thief and Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life.

In case you're wondering about my fancy bookends, those are the "just in case" books for this weekend (as in, "just in case I finish all four books I'll have more reasons to continue lounging around enjoying my read-a-thon!") Those books are:

Time to get back to the couch. That's where my books are!

Happy Reading!


Wallace said...

Love those "just in case" bookends! Perfect! Hope it's going well. :)

Unknown said...

It's going far too slowly, actually. One of the downsides of being dyslexic is I read very slowly. It's especially painful when you're at that part in the book when you HAVE to know what happens next. That pretty much describes every page in the book I'm currently reading, The Magician by Michael Scott.