Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get Your Edubloggers Here!

It goes without saying (for me, anyway) that I have learned so much from the amazing educators that I follow on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk. Of course, it wasn't easy to learn everything I wanted or needed to know via 140 characters or less. So I started reading blogs. Lots of blogs. Perhaps too many blogs. (My Google Reader can attest to that fact.) It can definitely be a bit overwhelming considering the number of educators who are now blogging.

Eventually I was able to get down to less than ten favorites that I read regularly, and check in with the rest as they posted updates on Twitter. It took me some time to figure out which blogs I wanted to follow and recommend to others, but it was definitely worth the effort. I have learned more from these ten bloggers in the last couple of years than I ever could have in a teaching credential program!

If you are currently looking for blogs to follow, you're in luck! There are several great lists of edubloggers out there, but the one that just came out yesterday is by far the best one I've found yet. The Top 100 Technology Blogs for Teachers has some incredible blogs written by incredible educators, including seven of my top ten:
A few blogs that I thought should have been included in such an awesome list:
Well, I had to force myself to stop adding blogs to my list; there are just so many brilliant edubloggers out there! The key, if you're new to reading educator blogs, is to find a blog that you feel a connection with. Perhaps the author teaches the same grade level you do, or works in the same district as you. You might find a blogger whose writing style your particularly enjoy or who happens to be writing about a topic of special interest to you.

Once you find a couple of blogs that you enjoy, check out the blogs that those bloggers read (most bloggers list their favorite blogs in the sidebar or somewhere else on their blog). And don't be afraid to leave a comment. We LOVE comments! I tell my students that the comments tend to be the most important part of any blog because that is where the conversation happens. And it is in having that conversation that insight can happen, that changes can begin, that we can learn from one another. How very powerful! So if you have something to say...say it!

Join the conversation!