Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where Are You, My Wonderful PLN?

Ah, my PLN...what would I do without you? Where would I be without you? Where are YOU??? That last question is really the one I'm looking for help with right now. In February, I will be giving a presentation on Personal Learning Networks and sharing with the teachers in attendance how to develop their own PLNs and why I think it's an invaluable resource to have.

My presentation is called Teaching 2.0: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate. In order to show the "Connect" portion of my presentation, I'm creating a Google map to show just how far-reaching my PLN really is. And I'm hoping to get all of you to "Collaborate" with me on this to truly show the power of the network! So, if you wouldn't mind helping a McTeach out, could you add your placemark on the map below? If you're on Twitter or Plurk, please feel free to add your username as well. I truly appreciate your help...with this and with so much else!

Please note that I will be adding this map, once completed, to the wiki I'm creating for this presentation. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

View My PLN in a larger map


samccoy said...

Karen, this is a great idea. I like these maps. I'll be happy to add my location marker. Let me know when you get it in your wiki.

This Mom's Photo Story said...

I thought you had me in Jonesboro, AR but it appears I was missed. Please feel free to add me.

my blog said...

Hi Karen,
I linked onto your map which is a wonderful great idea by the way- bit someones else is now me. It says updated by Diane- that's not me.

Love reading your blog as well

Thomas Boito said...

Very timely for me as I'm working up a presentation on PD with a Twitter PLN

mrsjgarcia said...

Hi Karen, I would be happy to add myself to El Salvador on the map or you could add me if you prefer.

Unknown said...

Thomas, please feel free to use the map in your presentation! That's part of why I created it...for everyone's use! Also, I have a rather extensive list of "PLN" links in my Diigo and Delicious accounts. Feel free to check those:

Unknown said...

mrsjgarcia - I would love it if you could add yourself to the map! Feel free to pass the map on to others.

Thank you!!