Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day Google Doodles

For Earth Day this year, I had my seventh graders create their own Earth Day Google Doodles. They decided we should have a contest as to who could create the best Doodle. Why they thought I would ever be able to choose just one "best" out of this incredibly talented class, I have no idea. But I agreed. Silly teacher.

Later that day...the eighth graders had a lengthy social studies test and I didn't feel like making them start anything new afterwards, so I invited them to also create their own Doodles. Before I knew what had happened, the eighth graders had challenged my seventh graders to a contest to see who could do the best Doodle out of both classes. They decided I should choose one from each class and then ask our Principal to choose the overall winner. Once again, I agreed. Crazy teacher.

Well, I have been unable to choose even a top five from each class. The best I could do was a top ten (David Letterman would be so proud). And now it's your turn! Please help me by voting for your favorite doodles, one from each class. (Right now I'm crossing my fingers that this will work, as I've never created a poll before. Crossed fingers makes it more difficult to type!)

Please visit the McTeach wiki to vote. Thank you!

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