Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is here and with it new opportunities for growth, both for our students and for ourselves. I'm not usually one to do resolutions; the word has become synonymous with "failure" for me. Instead, I'll set a few goals for myself and my students for the remainder of the school year.

Let's start with adding even more technology to our curriculum! We've just started blogging and I've set up a class account on Diigo so I can teach my students how to bookmark online. I am currently making plans for working with wikis, but I also want to incorporate a little bit of techy fun for my seventh graders.

This morning, one of my Plurk buddies sent out a cartoon from a website called FunnyTimes. I decided to check out the site and discovered you can also create your own comic strips there using their playground. I'm thinking this could be a really fun way to have my students use their vocabulary words! Check out what I created this morning for the word "apathy":

Game Time by McTeach,

There is also another website called ToonDoo that is much more elaborate that I would love to explore. It has a few characters available to choose that aren't quite appropriate at my Catholic school, but I could definitely see using ToonDoo to create stories or summaries of, for instance, a current social studies chapter. I know most of my students would love it!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the comic post. Another site is called MakeBeliefs Comics and it is nice for kids because it is easy to use, is a closed system (no links to any other content) and is free. I have used it with my sixth graders as intro to comic creation.

And, I create my own comic about kids, teachers and technology:

Adios and good luck, and thanks for the link to Funny Times (a new one for me)

Lee Kolbert said...

I love this! This is now on my list of site to show on PalmBreezeCAFE.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Here are two other comic creation sites that might interest you- and

We use ComicLife and images made with photoshop or drawn with inkart on our tablets to make comics too. Upload the pdfs to and you have an online comic book-

If you want to go with animated comics try

Anonymous said...

Love it. Nice blog. I arrived here through a tweet from mr. gardenglen.

This reminds me of another one (Bitstrips) that I highlighted in this post:



Anonymous said...

Hi, I have actually written a short teaching guide for Comic Life here

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for these great suggestions! I look forward to checking out the different comic sites with my students. There's such great stuff out there...I can always count on my PLN to find the best sites!

Lee, I'm looking forward to your next show!