Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today's Eco-Tips

Did you know that if one million people turned off their office computers at night, we could eliminate up to 45,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year? That's like taking almost 8,000 SUVs off the road!

Here's one that drives me crazy...literally. Many people seem to think that they need to let their car engine warm up by letting it idle (I have a neighbor who will let his car idle for up to ten minutes!) Today's fuel-injected engines don't need that warm-up period. In fact, it can actually lead to excessive engine wear. According to Climate 411, following the 10-second rule (don't let your car idle for more than ten seconds) could save you gas and decrease the amount of pollution you put into our air.

For more eco-friendly tips, visit the Environmental Defense Fund website or one of my new favorites, We Can Solve It.

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