Thursday, May 1, 2008

RSS Awareness Day

Where would I be without my Twitter network?! Last night I was in a panic because I could not for the life of me find my teaching materials for the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, which I'm just starting with my sixth graders. So I sent out an S.O.S. to my Twitter friends and within minutes had two fantastic websites sent to me by Diane and Pat. My Twitter network continues to amaze me with their continued generosity and kindness! Thank you one and all!

Fast forward to this morning...without a tweet from Will Richardson I never would have known that today, May 1st, is RSS Awareness Day. I'm willing to bet that very few of us knew that! In case you're scratching your head and trying to come up with what "RSS" might stand for, let me just stop you right there before you come up with something really off-the-wall. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which is the format we use every day to get our blog feeds sent to us. Care to know more about RSS or RSS Awareness Day, then please visit the website. Thanks again to Mr. Richardson for this one!
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BK said...

Hi Karen,
I just clicked on your blog not realizing that I've been following you on Twitter. I'm pretty new to Twitter and moving with it slowly. So I appreciate your connection to it's network but I'm still watching more of the time and leaving general microposts. But I'm patient.
Anyway, nice to notice a familiar name.
Bonnie K

Unknown said...

Hi Karen,
I taught 6th grade for many years. What a great age - although things do get tough after April. I love Roll of Thunder. Great book! I never taught it as a whole class book. We did Island of the Blue Dolphins, Crash, and Tuck Everlasting. Do you teach any of those?
(No longer Queen of all things 6th grade ;)