Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do You Flock?

Image from Flickr user Capitrueno

I've spent some time today trying to figure out Flock. It wasn't in my original plans for today, but problems with Internet Explorer and Twitter started me thinking, "Wait a minute, I remember downloading Flock...why aren't I using it?" A very good question! Flock calls itself the Social Web Browser because you can do so many different things with it: check email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, even YouTube. I can even blog directly from Flock, which I'm doing right now for the first time. They make it incredibly easy to share everything you find on the web with your network!

I'm still trying to figure it all out and would love to hear from those who are experts at it. Speaking of experts, be sure and check out the following screencast from Liz Davis, the Queen of All Things Screencasted.

Or for a longer demonstration, check out the following video from last year's TechCrunch Conference.

And for the record, it was very tempting to title this post "What the Flock?" but I didn't know how mom would react to that!
Blogged with the Flock Browser


IMC Guy said...

I need to spend more time with this as well. I did download and play for a short time, but not enough to use it the right way.

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to be queen of something! Can I put that on my resume? "Liz Davis, Queen of All Things Screencasted"

But seriously, I'm glad you are finding my screencasts useful. I'm still really liking Flock, although I don't like the local nature of the blogging and RSS, since work on multiple computers.
P.S. "What the Flock" ROFL! Love it.

Unknown said...

Hi Chad:

I'm really enjoying Flock! It gets a little buggy at times, but for the most part it works really well. I love having that sidebar!

Unknown said...

Hi Liz!

I think you should put that on your resume! I know quite a few twitterers who will be more than happy to write tweets of recommendation: "All Hail, Liz Davis, The Queen of All Things Screencasted!" (is that under 140?)

For what I need right now, Flock is great! I love being able to flip between Twitter and Facebook with one click!

Do you think we could make "What the Flock?" the new catch phrase?

BK said...

Cheers way up for What the Flock!
I have been using it was my main bowser and I love moving back and forth between Flickr and twitter and lots of other things.
It doesn't work well with everything so I have Safari and Firefox as well. Free and it doesn't hurt my computer one bit.
Enjoyed the visit as I move around the blog world.