Sunday, March 9, 2008

Social Networking: Here's Why!

It's 3:30 in the afternoon. Do you know where your teen is? Are you worried that they're hanging out online in one of those social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook? Or are you shaking your head and thinking to yourself, "I just don't get the appeal of it!" Perhaps this will help. I was reading Wesley Fryer's blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, this weekend and found this video that was made by an amazingly well-spoken young woman named Vanessa Van Petten.

After you watch this video, be sure to check out her blog Teens Today with Vanessa Van Petten or how about the book she wrote when she was 17!! It's called You're Grounded!: How to Stop Fighting and Make the Teenage Years Easier. If you like what she has to say, be sure to check out her other videos on YouTube.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting my video and to my site! I post a lot of articles for teachers to understand this generation of teens. I have one coming next week on a bunch of free tools for teachers, please be sure to check it out!

Unknown said...

Hello Vanessa! And thank you for your message. I've subscribed to your blog so I won't miss a thing! My students will be working on internet safety presentations to give the parents, so I really appreciated all you had to say in your video. I think a lot of parents don't understand the social networking sites, and we always tend to fear what we don't understand. We need more people like yourself explaining the benefits, so as to counteract all the negative reports parents hear from the media.

Thanks again!