Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Basics, Part 2

Now that you know what a blog is, it's time to explore a few. If you haven't already, check out the links on the left-hand side of this page. I've included a few of my favorite blogs here. But there are literally millions of blogs out there. Where do you find them? What topics do they cover? Do you have to go check them every day to see if there are new posts? Answers: Easy. Everything. Of course not!

There are a number of ways to find the blogs you want. I use Google for both creating my blog and gathering up all the blogs I want to read. So, start here: and get yourself an account with Google. It's completely free! Once you have an account (which includes a gmail account), you'll be able to subscribe to blogs easily.

In the Google toolbar, you'll see the word "more" with an arrow next to it. Click on the arrow and you'll see a list. Let's start by clicking on "blogs" to do a search. Once the Google Blog Search opens up, type in anything that might be of interest to you and check out all the blogs that people just like you have created!

Another blog search tool I've found is Best of the Web Blogs: This website separates blogs into categories, which might be a good place to start if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you're okay so far, then let's subscribe!

In order to subscribe to a blog, you're going to need an aggregator such as Google Reader (which is what I use). An aggregator is a Web application that will go out into the vast reaches of the internet and check the blogs that you subscribe to for new posts. When the author of your favorite blog, say "Notes from McTeach," for instance, adds a new post to their blog your aggregator will let you know. You don't have to check all the different blogs you subscribe to for new information. You can just check one place for all the cool information you're looking for! Sound good? Then let's try it!

You've already got your Google account, right? Then let's go back to the main Google page and find that "more" arrow again. Click on it and look for "Reader." Google Reader is really easy to use! Once you know what blog you want (did I mention "Notes from McTeach"?), click on "Add subscription" and type in Click on "add" and you'll never miss another pearl of wisdom from yours truly!

Any questions, class?

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8 of 9 said...

Way to go Karen! I already know much more about RSS and feeds. Thanks for letting me know about your new venture! :)